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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Spring Bucket

Spring Blog Hop time
Lets show our Goodies

Corinne Jones

Trish Sakulich

Robin Bogle

Maria Williams

Trudie Howard

Wendy Billings

Roz Wolfe

Sheri Loatwall

Stacey Stratis

Lucy Gregg

Louise Mann

Jo Walker

Lisa Nelson

 Michelle Klaebe

 Dawn Brown

Elizabeth Melih (Emily Shroom here)

Jackie Rakoski

Kathy Smyth

Carrie Robinson 

Marie Franklin

Erin Fairclough

Melissa Varga

Katya Bess

Tanja Charles

Jennifer Anderson

Summer Hills-Painter

Darcy Schroeder

Veronica Chasteen Rosenshein

Julie Hasel

Tanya Johnson

Dianna Cinko Sowerbrower

I was Super Super excited to have Lucy as my swap Friend she truly is a wonderful 
person whom i have come to hold deep in my heart 
thank you soo much sweetie 

Yummies Paper's 
Colour Book 

Yummy Box 

My most treasured Book Ever 
Lucy i love you xxx

List for my Flex's



Truly i'm blessed to have such a wonderful partner 
Hugs and Kisses 


Lucy said...

I'm so glad you liked your Spring Basket Erin. You're a wonderful person & it was a pleasure to buy for you.

Thank you so much for my amazing swap basket - I loved everything in it :D xxx

MammasScrappin said...


Trish a.k.a stampi said...

wow what an amazing gift basket of goodies that malteezer bunny I am jealous that is my fave your stuff!

wlbillings said...

Wow what fun stuff- that book looks awesome. Hugs Wendy

Tanya said...

Wow awesome basket...enjoy them all!

Robin's Crafty Thing's said...

Awesome goodies!

Corinne said...

how fabulous... what an awesome book..

Maria said...

Wow! Great stuff!!

Emily Shroom said...

Loads to enjoy here and a lovely card too!

Darcy Schroeder said...

You truly had a great partner! I love everything you got! Especially that special book!

DistinctiveLMNts said...

Great goodies, you are very lucky! Have fun using all your new stash.
Lisa xoxox